Our productive model

Our Productive Model
Our production is based on the New Zealand system of permanent pastures, taking a strategic approach to our grass production. This model involves nurturing and systematically measuring grass growth.
Our cows feed on grass when it reaches its highest nutritional content, which also encourages grass growth through this natural cut.
This efficient and sustainable model allows us to generate high quality milk, which is then sent to different dairy plants for processing.

Animal Welfare

The welfare of animals throughout their entire life cycle is a fundamental part of sustainable food production. That is why the main leading companies at a national and international level are voluntarily subscribing to certification and auditing standards that go beyond what is indicated by the current regulations of each country. As Manuka, we are proud to have achieved the international certification of Animal Welfare and Grass Fed Certified Humane® this season, which accounts for the respectful handling of cows and cattle in general, and the concern for the responsible management of reproduction, nutrition, diseases, and productive management. Together with them, we have invested heavily in infrastructure, training, supplies, and preventive programs, and we seek to have adequate facilities and we constantly train our workers in the new animal care standards in order to generate a cultural change.

Sustainable Growth

We continue to make progress in consolidating our commitment to sustainable business management, integrating new standards that lead us to position ourselves as a business benchmark for the Chilean dairy sector. We want to leverage our growth in a culture of sustainability, with a long-term view to grow responsibly, committed to current and future generations.

Product Safety and Quality

At Manuka we are proud of our business, namely producing a food product of the highest nutritional quality and safety for consumers. This impact that we generate allows us to contribute to the health and nutrition of thousands of Chilean families throughout the country, so maintaining this quality is one of our main objectives. In this sense, we have strict protocols in all our production processes, we actively work on animal traceability management, we have preventive vaccination programs, and we seek to be certified in relevant issues for the industry.

Process Modernization

As a company we always seek the sustainability and efficiency of our business and processes. We work with a productive model based on grazing that is systematic and precise, with paddock rotation and strategic pasture management. Another aspect that characterizes us is related to the modernization of management processes. Specifically, during the last financial year, in addition to continuing with internal control, we have experienced significant growth in our internal support areas and we are also seeking to innovate in areas of automation in production processes

Supply Chain

At Manuka we are committed to promoting local development throughout our value chain, seeking to contribute from our work to the professionalization of the dairy sector and the generation of shared value initiatives, particularly for our suppliers. Although in general we prioritize the contracting of local suppliers whenever possible, and we have started with some initiatives such as the generation of tenders with a long-term perspective, this is an issue that we must deepen, and we commit to continue working together with our suppliers in their development and generation of positive impacts.