Creation of opportunities

We are recognized as a local employer that generates opportunities and contributes to the economic growth within our communities.

Most of our people are part of the communities in which we operate, which fosters a culture of belonging and closeness. This has a positive impact on our people’s wellbeing and the quality of their work, as well as contributing to the company’s results.

As an example, nearly 90% of our staff are hired locally in the Los Lagos and Los Ríos regions.

We help our people to grow and progress in their careers, promoting 48 people internally in the last season alone. Our Career Development Plan is structured into seven levels:

• Dairy Farm Assistant
• Second-in-charge
• Sub Farm Manager
• Farm Manager
• Farm Chief
• Internal Sharemilker
• Production Supervisor
• Production Manager

Along with our Career Development Plan, we have a training program that covers technical operations, sustainability, communication, and teamwork. We also support our people to specialize as managers and heads of department.

We provide significant support to the development of our local economy with 81% of our purchases made from local suppliers.

Manuka has a highly regarded Supplier Development Program that provides training to our suppliers, with whom we seek to build solid long-term alliances and mutual benefits.

As a result of the support and growth opportunities that we provide, our people stay with us at Manuka for many years, with our women working with us for an average of 4.5 years and men for 7.5 years.