Creation of opportunities

Local job creation is one of the aspects that distinguishes us as a company, being recognized for our ability to generate development opportunities and create spaces for growth for the local community.
The fact that most of our collaborators are part of the environment in which we carry out our operations fosters a culture of belonging and closeness, which favors their well-being, the management of their work and contributes positively to the results we achieve as a company.
We currently have 99% of national workers and in this last season we managed to reach the goal of 20% women in our workforce, a projection that we had a program for the 2023-2024 season.
We also highlight the seniority of all our collaborators, reaching 3.20 years for women and 6.75 years for men.

Our Career Development Plan is structured into six levels:
• Dairy Farm Assistant
• Second-in-charge
• Sub Farm Manager
• Farm Manager
• Internal Sharemilker
• Production Supervisor
• Production Manager
In the last season alone, we have carried out 85 internal promotions, almost doubling the number of the previous year.
Together with the career development plan, we have a training program that considers technical aspects, sustainability, communication, and teamwork as specializations for heads and managers.
The encouragement and support that we provide to local suppliers is also an outstanding aspect of our work to promote the community and the local economy. 81% of our purchases are made from local suppliers, thus contributing to the economic development of the area. Manuka has a solid Supplier Development Program that provides training to our suppliers, with whom it seeks to build solid long-term and mutually beneficial alliances.